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Come on USA !
EDIT: OMG guys.. seriously.. stop commenting about it.. I said I don't want to! owe
sheesh..  any further comments will be hidden and ignored..
please respect my journals.. and read them before you go commenting :/
you guys have been kinda rude when I didnt want to really discuss anything in the first place.. I mean not everyone has been rude.. just a few people..
I really hope Romney wins ;A;
I think I'll die forever if Obama wins x'D
please, I'm not looking to start any political battles here.. it's my journal... i say wut I want >:Y
lolz ok bai<3
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And So Now...
I will take out my complete and utter dissapointement with the election results in the best way possible. (What can I say? Still my favorite out of them all)
...I now feel's a google miracle...
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My Advice: Hetalia Reader Inserts
What makes me want to read your reader inserts?
Well, here I'll tell you. But this is completely my opinion.
Now read.
    -Um, remember your 3rd grade teacher telling you something about paragraphs? Well do it! Make paragraphs! I don't like it if people don't keep their writing organized (which even I sometimes don't do, so I shouldn't be talking right now). It looks better anyways.
    -The title of your piece is also what is shown on display. So, think of a creative title! They catch reader's eyes, and make them want to click on it.
The writing:
    -Alright, I probably should shut up right now, but spelling. No, you don't have to be a kid who has one of those spelling bee trophies. But guess what? There's something called spell-check. Even I make mistakes, so it's totally fine, but really. If I can spot 8 words in one sentence that are mispelled, there's a problem. Same goes to grammar, but I'm a nutcase when it comes
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Some of my favorite works.


What had he done to deserve this?
Kamijou Hiroki asked himself again and again, staring down at the bouquet lying on the stone.

It had been a dreadfully rainy day. The skies simply opened up and poured down on the two as they were enjoying their date. He and Nowaki were out shopping together on the rare occasion that they shared a day off.

It had ended all too soon.

When they had reached an intersection, Nowaki tried to grab Hiroki’s hand, but the professor wasn’t having any of it.

“Not in public!” Hiroki hissed, yanking his arm away.

“But, Hiro-san…” Nowaki started, his big blue eyes beseeching.

“No means no!”

In the heat of the moment, Hiroki walked across the road briskly, unaware in his anger that the light hadn’t changed yet.

Something suddenly shoved him forward roughly, and he went careening into the curb on the other side.

“What the he-” Hiroki’s annoyed exclamation was drowned out by the horrified screams of the people around him, and someone yelling to call the ambulance.

A car was stopped on the middle of the road, Nowaki’s bloody body lying in front of it. A woman was on her knees, sobbing with guilt and horror. The world seemed to screech to a stop as Hiroki registered what had happened.

“Nowaki!” The shout tore itself from his throat as he ran towards his partner. His love. The center of his world. “ idiot!” Tears were quickly gathering in his eyes. This was all his fault. If only he hadn’t been so careless in his pointless anger.

A large, shaky hand reached up to touch Hiroki’s cheek. Nowaki’s dark blue eyes stared into his, and the man smiled very faintly.
“But, was worth it.”

The hand fell back down onto the pavement. It was too late.

A sob wracked Hiroki’s body as he knelt before the tombstone in front of him. With a shaking finger, he traced the words etched into the stone:

Kusama Nowaki
Beloved doctor and partner
Worth It
Ahahaha my first submission in years and it's a tragic piece of shit. RIP. 
I'm obsessed with Magi now. Just saying.
Also, I'm still alive. 
thanks for everyone that sent me a birthday wish (on Sept. 20) 
I'm sad to say I've kind of moved on from dA, but I'm not going to leave or anything.
I still love my RP groups here even if I'm inactive as hell.
<3 I also still have stories to finish and things to do here. 
I won't leave. 
BUT, you can probably get better in touch with me if you talk to me on Google+. So send me a note if ya want that. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Why hello there...
I'm Hiari.
Seventeen years old.
Currently a freshman in college.
Black hair, brown eyes, I wear contacts. I'm Asian.
I'm allergic to stupidity, so I break out in sarcasm.
I'm a bit of a grammar Nazi.
I love anime, manga, Vocaloid, music, reading, writing, drawing, singing.
Obsessed with Shoujo manga/anime

My favourite anime is Magi.
My favourite manga is Horimiya.
My favourite Vocaloid is Megurine Luka.

Message/comment/feel free to chat with me.



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